Study and stay in Canada

Study and stay in Canada

Canada is launching a new program to increase the retention of international students. The new program entitled ‘Study and Stay‘ will be launched in three Atlantic provinces, while the Canadian Atlantic seeks to collectively address its problem of immigrant retention. ‘Study and Stay’ offers a full range of services to a select group of international students to help them fully integrate into the society of Nova Scotia. Atlantic Canada only retains 60 percent of immigrants compared to 90 percent in Ontario and Alberta.

Key benefits

  • Individualized use and transition support from an EduNova Retention Coordinator, plus additional support from the university/college and community.
  • Access to a cohort of peers and business networks throughout the province. Two days of preparation for employment and cohort retirement for each year of their studies, attended by employers, in addition to the business and government leaders of Nova Scotia.
  • Career evaluations and self-assessment analysis.
  • Personalized career plan and goal setting.  Training in professional techniques of job search, curriculum vitae, and interviews.
  • Construct a network of professional and work connections. -Access to a job placement scheme to build experience


Students in China, India and the Philippines who are interested in pursuing university, university or postgraduate studies enrolled in any of the following levels of study in a post-secondary institution in Nova Scotia:

  • NSCC diploma program
  • Undergraduate University
  • Master’s degree, or doctorate.

International K-12 students currently studying at a Nova Scotia high school:

  • China.
  • India Philippines.

Applicants must be accepted into the post-secondary institution of their choice in Nova Scotia to receive conditional acceptance in the program. The final acceptance will be given once the applicant receives the appropriate study permit from the IRCC.

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