British Columbia – BC

British Columbia

BC has an education system that strives to motivate talented and engaged students, through outstanding delivery by teachers, involving committed parents, and establishing links to dedicated education partners. BC students perform among the best in the world by many measures. Characteristics of a strong education system include a continuous drive to improve outcomes for each learner and address differences amongst particular groups of students. The Ministry of Advanced Education who oversees education within the province is highly motivated, encourages and supports relationships between educational institutions, business, and industry to better the professional and economic opportunities of British Columbia’s learners.

Post-secondary education in British Columbia is considered one of the most diversified and comprehensive in the world, making it one of the more competitive areas to study. Currently, there are 25 publicly funded institutions in the territory:

  • 4 Research-intensive universities
  • 7 Reaching intensive universities
  • 11 Colleges
  • 3 Provincial institutes (including one Aboriginal institute)

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