Advice to Prospective Students

Advice to Prospective Students

Dear prospective student, Canada has become a preferred destination for international students whose dreams include remaining in the country in which they complete their studies. Canada has ranked as one of the top places to live in the world and boasts an education system ranked among the best. Canadians place an excellent amount of importance on learning, and standards in education in Canada are high. Canada is regarded as one of the safest places in the world to live in.

The above factors motivate the international student community to pursue their education in Canada. Thus, it creates a demand and number of international student applications has been increased. It is advisable to submit your application to your preferred Canadian institution well in advance. Most of the Canadian institutions are giving preferences to fully completed applications which meet all prerequisites.

Choosing an institution and suitable program is a challenging task. There are a variety of great educational institutions throughout Canada and it is advisable to narrow down your list of choices. Among this list, you should final select the right institution and program by considering some of the following factors.

  • What subject stream you want to study?
  • Are you intending to study in a specialized field or not.
  • View online course catalogues from the institution’s website and examine whether the course meets your requirements and vice versa.
  • Finalize the type of institution, whether to pursue at University or Community College or Career College.
  • Finalize the type of program or awarding, whether to study Undergraduate diploma or Bachelors degree or Postgraduate Diploma or Masters degree or PhD/ research. You need to have a qualification which corresponds to your desired program or awarding.
  • Select your preferred location whether urban, suburban, or rural.
  • Select the region based on your preferred climatic conditions. Canada does not always have snow and extreme cold. It gets quite hot in the summers!
  • Select the size of campus whether to choose a large or small campus or small and big or small classrooms. Both options have their own pros and cons, so it’s important to decide which you are most comfortable with.
  • Check the quality of facilities and resources of an institution like libraries, labs, and equipment.
  • Select “co-op” programs if you are intending to have a work as part of your course.
  • Review the profiles of faculty and staff of your desired course. Usually, it is mentioned in the institution’s website.
  • If special needs are required please check with the institution whether they accommodate students with physical or learning disabilities.
  • Check the facilities of extracurricular activities that might interest you, such as sports, clubs, media station, theatre, etc.

Some of these factors may be more important to you than others. You may customize the above list to reflect what is most important to you in a institution.

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