We welcome prospective members across the world. Our process of selecting a member is based on several factors. We try to gain a thorough insight into the prospective member’s activities, academic profile, education industry experiences, accreditations, professional references, etc. Following this, our evaluation committee ensures the highest level of integrity and approves the membership application.

Our membership categories are:
  • Canadian Institution Members
  • International Institution Members
  • Education Consultant Members or Agent Members
  • Conglomerative Membership
    [ This membership is for various industry entities operating in entirely different industries other than education domain. In order to qualify, they should have been contributing or willing to contribute their support to education industry.]

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Benefits of CIE-Co memberships
  • Listing of member institution on CIE-Co’s official website and in printed materials.
  • Promotion of member institution on CIE-Co’s social media, official website and print media.
  • Exclusive updates on the latest Canadian Education opportunities and trends in the international education industry.
  • Participation preference in all of CIE-Co’s events, delegations and workshops.
  • Subsidized or reduced cost on events, delegations and workshops participation.
  • Presentation opportunity at various international conferences.
  • Access to quality and screened agents from all over the world.
  • Opportunities for institutional partnerships and articulations.
  • Student and faculty exchange programs.
  • Skill development programs.
  • Student support services.
  • Member-Only Events.
  • Many more.

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