Our Objectives

  • To promote Canadian Education across the globe.
  • To provide academic synergy between Canadian Educators, International Educators, Agents and International Students.
  • To conduct Canadian education fairs, organize education events and publication of research programs that can help the student community, institutions, and agent network.
  • To create an ecosystem to encourage joint research between Canadian Universities and other international universities.
  • To provide a window for distinguished Canadian educators and academicians to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.
  • To create opportunities for the cultural and educational exchange between Canada and other countries.
  • To establish Canada-international institutional tie-ups and articulation opportunities.
  • To provide necessary assistance, support, and information that would influence the formation of global friendly policies among institutions.
  • To establish Canadian Institutions as a benchmark for education in important countries.
  • To build cross-border educational resources for the student community.
  • To perform charitable activities related to the scope of Canadian education.
  • To encourage youth as well as adults to study further and develop essential skills to improve employment opportunities.
  • To provide financial aid/scholarship opportunities to deserving international students.
  • To provide an interface for international student agents to voice their opinions and views. This will result in good quality students making Canada their destination of choice.

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