Language Schools

Language Schools

The Canadian Education system offers an entry to international students through the Language program schools. One can enter Canada either to learn English or French since Canada has two official languages, namely English and French. Students can come to Canada to study either English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a Second Language (FSL). Students enrolled in ESL or FSL programs for up to six months may study in Canada without a Study Permit.

The programs are not limited to learning the language, but also include sight-seeing and cultural activities that showcase Canada at its best. International students of all ages and occupations can enroll in these programs and make it a “learning Holiday”.  In addition, students can receive training in the teaching of ESL. FSL schools are not limited to the Quebec region and students can enroll for these program in other parts of Canada as well. The language programs are offered throughout the year and the duration of the study is not limited.


  • Completed application form and payment of tuition fees in order to receive a Letter of Acceptance from the school.
  • Study permit if the language program is longer than six months.
  • Medical examination for students applying to programs 20 weeks or longer.

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