New Brunswick

New Brunswick

In 1785, Saint John became the first incorporated city in Canada, that same year, the University of New Brunswick became one of the first universities in North America and was also the first English-language university in Canada. Now, New Brunswick has four publicly funded universities with seven campuses across the province between them. The Crown Corporations are the two community colleges of the province with eleven campuses. New Brunswick is also home to a number of small, private not-for-profit universities and colleges as well as a number of for-profit degree-granting institutions. The Maritime College of Forest Technology and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design are specialized institutes in the province.

New Brunswick is a bilingual province in Canada with 32 percent speaking French while the other 64% are English-speaking. That being said the education system in New Brunswick greatly reflects this linguistic duality. At least five of the provinces eleven community college campuses offer programming in French while the remaining six are in English.

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